Let’s Talk About Handbag Hardware Color

When talking to the hardware accessories color, it is very processional industry as well important to the handbag fashion and quality. So, if you have an idea for the popular hardware color for your handbag brand? Today, this article will talk about some luxury brand hardware color for your reference.

First of all, the categories of colors roughly divided into 4 kinds of : gold, silver, black (gram or gun color) and special colors.

About gold color, there are mainly including light gold, imitation gold, brushed gold, antique brass gold, gilt gold,tea gold, rose gold etc.

As for silver,there are bright nickel, chrome, white steel, brushed silver, antique silver etc.

Black color will separate to gun color, electrophoresis gun, dumb gun color etc.

The special color are the colors we rarely see or use, such as copper, dark copper, zinc, hologram etc.

And, what color do we usually use on the bag?Let’s see some famous luxury brand what color they using on bag frequently.


1.Light Gold

Light gold just the most widely used for the handbag industry for it is feature nowadays modern fashion. It can better set off the exquisiteness and sweetness of the bag,make the bags look in generous and extravagant.


2. Tea Gold

Because gilt gold has been a symbol of aristocratic status from ancient times to the present, it is luxurious, noble, and enduring; the embellishment of a little gold on the bag will give the feeling of nobleness! Although some people now despise the lifestyle of local tyrants, they cannot shake the status of gilt gold. So gilt gold is still the most common color in bags.


3.Gilt Gold

Gucci has become a benchmark in the fashion industry. Designers like to find inspiration in bizarre stories. The mysterious and retro style has become the brand's new cognition, and various animal elements such as butterflies, tigers, and snakes have become regular styles of the brand. All items include clothing and bag accessories, each of which is a goal that people contending for .

The double G logo hardware of this bag looks minimalist with vintage characteristic .


4.Anti Brass Gold

Bottega Veneta's woven bags are the brand's characteristic. The bags are usually made of woven-related hardware. We can see that the hardware also has woven textures, including basic square buckles, D buckles, and classic clutch bags. Knot is like a knot in hardware.

The lock of this bag also uses a woven texture, and the hardware effect is created through the ancient green electroplating process to look like a newly unearthed bronze. Generally young people can't hole this relatively antique style.


5.Pearl Gold

 Once this Chloé Nile half-moon bag is released, it has become a fashion item that the fashion circle is vying to own. In addition to this cute half-moon bag, the key to this bag becoming the focus of fashion is the more conspicuous handle hardware.

This piece of hardware can be used as a functional handle and decoration. Although the hardware is golden, it has a softer luster, so although there are more hardware on the bag, it will not appear dazzling and dazzle the eyes of the viewer. In short, I look at it and feel more comfortable.


6.Ancient silver

Saint Laurent's bags mainly design in a rigid hand feeling style . The bag-shaped contour goes simple and clean. From the bones, it reflects the independent personality of women. Therefore, the color of the hardware is also relatively low profile. For example, the following antique silver, a vintage style for silver .

The dilapidated color of antique silver is really like silverware that has just been oxidized. The tone is indeed low-key, but the texture is very high-end. After all, silverware was only used by nobles in ancient times.


7.Bright Nickel

Nickel is kind of sliver color and it was more common on bags 7 or 8 years ago. Because the color is cooler and lower-key than gold, it is used more often in everyday bags, young style bags, and men's handbags.

Jimmy Choo's bag is made of silver leather with silver hardware. At the same time, the simple outline matches the square hardware shape to complement each other.


8.Black Gun Color

As mentioned earlier, Saint Laurent's bags, the style reflects the independent personality of women, and the hardware also adopts relatively low-key colors. This all-black bag with all-black hardware (electrophoresis gun). It features more than luxury simple while so personality.

The electrophoresis gun is the blackest kind of black hardware, but it has a certain luster. So it looks pretty cool.


The above introduces are some of the popular hardware colors for leather handbag,hope that is useful for you. If you still have other question,please feel free to contact our email: bagsfactory@aliyun.com or Whatapp +8613622742813 for more discuss.

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Post time: Aug-31-2021

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