How to choose leather texture For Your Fashion Brand

Nowadays, leather material is widely used in fashion industry. And it is divided into many kinds of leather type as well the texture. As for the leather type, there are mainly including real leather from animal skin, faux PU / PVC leather from human artificial made as well the microfiber leather.
Quality may different from the leather type,while texture can be common the same among them.

Now, let’s talk about some normal leather texture that usually used in the fashion leather products.

1.About the animal pattern texture
Animal pattern will be like crocodile texture, ostrich texture, lizard texture, snake/python texture, Zebra texture, leopard texture etc.

(1)Crocodile Texture: 

Croc normally in embossed finished with the aim of obtaining a look that is similar to the genuine reptile croc skin. Some will be process from croc body and dye with the color.


(2) Ostrich Texture

Ostrich leather is distinctive for its pattern of bumps or vacant quill follicles, ranged across a smooth field in varying densities.


(3) Lizard Texture


(4) Snake / Python Texture
There are many kind of color and pattern for snake leather in vegan pu leather. Since snake is kind of spiritual animal, so do not suggest use the real skin snake leather.


(5) Zebra Texture
There are printing in normal leather or fur leather pattern, normally in fur will looks more fashion and widely used.


(6) Leopard Texture
Leopard pattern normally will looks more fashion fur leather ,also it have printing pattern.


2. Suede Texture
Suede is a type of leather made from the underside of the animal skin, giving it a soft surface.


3.Smooth Leather Texture

Smooth leather is the most frequently used leather, it feels smooth and supple,just no any texture on surface.


4. Litchi / Pebble Leather

Hermes handbag usually used pebble leather texture, this is kind of soft touching feeling leather with a raised, pebble-shaped texture applied to the surface.


5. Epi Leather

Epi is mainly used for Louis Vuitton products,which has a characteristic embossing and is reminiscent of boarded grain.


6.Saffiano Texture
Kind of hard touching feeling leather with a cross-hatch finishing.


7. Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather refers to the tannage, or method of tanning the cowhide into leather. It’s called “vegetable” because of the natural tanning used in the tanning process like tree bark.


8. Oil Wax Leather 

Oiled waxed leather is a solid, smooth leather with a greasy - oily - waxy finish. Because these waxes, oils, or fats are often dyed, such leathers have a small chance of dye transfer.


9.Crazy Horse Leather
Crazy horse leather is kind of vintage leather that gets better and more beautiful with time and usage. Rather than wear out, a crazy horse leather develops a patina.


10.Woven Leather
With a small emboss for subtle texture, Woven Leather offers a tight, crisp look for a truly woven effect.


11.Patent Texture
Patent leather is a type of coated leather that has a high-gloss finishing.


12.Glister Texture
Glister leather is a new type of leather material, the main components are polyester, resin, PET.
Its surface is a layer of special sequin particles, which looks colorful and dazzling under the light. Has a very good flash effect.


13. Cork Leather
Cork leather is a sustainable material made from the bark of the cork oak tree.The resulting product is flexible, soft and strong and is the most environmentally friendly 'vegan leather' on the market.


Except the above leather texture, there also some personalized customized Printing pattern like floral printing,camouflage pattern etc.

Hope this article is useful and can help you to choose the suitable leather texture for your fashion brand.
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Post time: Sep-18-2021

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